Unlaced Interview : Jumpman Bostic

Today’s Interview is with a man that needs no introduction. This man has been collecting shoes since… well.. since I was born . Has one of the sickest collections out there . Lets check out “The Basement Of J’s”

Introduce yourself ? : Mark, AKA: Jumpman Bostic. I’ve lived in Detroit, MI for the last 15 years, I’m originally from Ann Arbor, MI where I was born and raised.

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How many pairs of Jordan’s do you own? :  I currently own 794 Jordan’s. I collect all styles of Jordan’s from the traditional numbered 1-23, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and recently the XX8. I also have Trunners, Team J, PE’s, Promo Samples, Jordan Boots, Flip Flops (Sandals), Spiz’Ikes, etc…..

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What made you start collecting Jordan’s when they were first released? :

MJ and I are the same age, born the same year and month. My claim to fame over MJ is I’m 2 days older than he is …..lol
I was in college at the same time as MJ, he left college (University Of North Carolina) early to enter the NBA, I saw the AIR JORDAN 1 in 1985 and had to have them. I was hooked, and once my college days were over in 1986. I’ve rocked NOTHING on my feet except AIR JORDAN’S.

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Top 23 Favorite Jordan’s in your collection? : 

 Top 23 J’s in my collection, great question.
 1.  Ray Allen PE 13
 2.  Promo Sample 2010 once owned by MJ. It’s a 1/1 specifically for MJ.
 3.  Ray Allen XX PE from the Seattle Supersonics
 4.  DMP XI & 6
 5.  Quai54 Autographed by Ray Allen
 6.  Jordan VIII ‘Playoff’, my all time favorite numbered Jordan shoes.
 7.  ‘Last Shot’ XIV the last shoe MJ rocked as a Chicago Bull
 8.  Bin V
 9.  Finale 23 Premier
10. Oregon III
11. Ray Allen PE XIV Milwaukee Bucks
12. Banned 1
13. OG 1985 Jordan 1
14. Hare VII
15. Lightning IV
16. Black Cement III
17. Concord XI
18. Infrared VI
19. Raging Bulls V
20. RIP Hamilton PE Cherry XII
21. Flu Game XII
22. OG 1996 XI Low
23. OG Jumpman Pro Team
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What are some Jordan’s you would like to see retro’d? : 

Jordan’s over the number XIV, it seems that’s all most people care about or even have knowledge of. I like all the models for there own reasons, each shoe has it’s own style, and purpose for design and look. The XVI, XVII, XX, XXI Lows, and XXIII mainly for me.

Top 10 most underrated Jordan’s?: 

1.  Jordan XV is a dope shoe and the design is really cool.
2.  Jordan XX Low (without the ankle strap) is a classic, I remember seeing Maurice Evans (Sacramento Kings, Detroit Pistons) rocking the XX’s after cutting off the straps.
3.  Jordan XIX SE such a comfy ballin’ shoe and gives great support.
4.  Jordan I back in 1985 this was a ballin’ shoe deluxe, loved it.
5.  Jordan XVIII a lot of people felt this was a heavy shoe, I love the stability of the shoe. It squeaks tho……lol
6.  Jordan II people didn’t see MJ rock these to much, so to many it’s like a shoe above the Jordan 14 as far as people liking them. I love the comfort and look of the II personally.
7.  Black Cat IV why? I don’t know, I love this shoe. The only thing I can think is that the IV’s run small and narrow?
8.  Jordan XXI people complain about the look, design, the height of the shoe constricts cutting and movement when tied up (I don’t tie my shoes …..lol Yes, I know how to I just don’t unless I’m hoopin’).
9. Jordan XVII is it the shroud? This was one of my favorite ballin’ shoes back in 2001 with or without the shroud baby.
10. Jordan IX the year of retirement, but it came to life in the movie Space Jam. To me this is a profiling shoe, meaning to to worn casually. Sexy, sexy sneaker in my opinion.

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Being a original in the shoe game…What are some thing’s you have seen change about Jordan Brand that you would like to see come back? : 

This is a deep question, there’s so much that has changed over my time in the sneaker culture with the brand. The quality of materials used, lets be honest it’s below standards compared to a lot of other Nike, ADIDAS, REEBOK, and others standards. Would it be this way if MJ were still playing? No, I don’t think so. The brand is at it’s all time popularity since MJ playing days. Shoes selling out that NEVER even sold in prior releases #Hypsters.
I would like to see the brand CARE about what the consumers say, reply to emails, questions, and concerns that are made. Bring back popular items with releases such as retro cards (they did that with the Retro VIII Chicago home), and STOP raising prices and decreasing quality EXCEPT on certain releases. Some sneakers have great looking quality and then a sneaker in the same numbered retro will have terrible quality.
I’m an OG in the culture and I don’t consider myself a Sneaker Head, I call myself a Sneaker Connoisseur. I like the fact that the NIKE AIR was brought back with the 2013 white cement III’s to give people who missed that era a opportunity to experience the feeling of having that on their shoe and not having to pay rape prices to get it. Jordan Brand should continue that series, it was a success to me.


Where do you see Jordan Brand going in the next couple of years? : Jordan Brand will continue on it’s path, it appears they could really care less what the opinion of the public is, there products are selling (most selling out), and it’s lucrative. I see them bringing out a lot of classics in traditional color ways and expanding on colors. I just read that in 2014 the XVI will become a retro shoe (2008 CDP was the initial retro). I’m hoping they will bring out more of the older numbered J’s XV on up.

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What is the longest hunt you have had for a shoe… And what shoe was it? :  7 years, my longest hunt just came to an end, I recently was able to finally track down the 2006 DMP (Defining Moments Package) with the XI and VI. It was still unworn, with all of the items included (booklet, sneaker tags/ dog tags). Patience is a key as a sneaker connoisseur. You must have this, I don’t have to have a shoe when it drops or even before it drops. That’s not necessary to me, when I got this shoe in the mail it was just like it was the 2006 release day all over again. I did a YouTube video my page is youtube.com/jumpmanbostic I’ve done many sneaker videos.

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Are there any Jordan’s you are currently on the hunt for ? : 

1. 2011 Jordan 7 Retro YOTR (Year Of The Rabbit)
2. 2012 Jordan 7 Retro J2K Filbert
3. 2010 Jordan 2 Retro QF (Classic Green)
4. 2006 Jordan 4 Retro Thunder
5. 1993 Jordan 8 OG Playoff
6. 2008 Jordan Miro 7, International Release.
7. 2012 Doernbecher 9
8. 2009 Doernbecher 6
9. 2010 Doernbecher 3
10. 2010 Bin 9
11. 2012 FTLOTG 9 (For The Love Of The Game)
12. 2010 Jordan 9 Quai 54 International Release
As you can see the hunt is still on for those twelve listed above and many more NOT listed, it’s truly #A_Kiction here and with #Patience they’ll be in the Basement Of The Jordan’s one day.

Where can people check out more of your collection ? : It’s truly humbling and amazing to have people enjoy my collection as much as I do, my collection has been dubbed the Basement Of The Jordan’s because my shoes are in my basement. I enjoy communication with with fellow sneaker people, I see a lot of amazing collections and enjoy meeting new people at events, on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and SneakerTube. Below are the places I can be found:


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Any last words for the people out there ? : 

              First, thank you Grady Unlaced for this opportunity, thank you to those who truly support me and to those special few that helped really put me on the map five years ago. You know who you are and it’s truly appreciated, thanks to the many I’ve met at sneaker event, YouTube and other social networks.
                Stay true to yourself, always #CopAndRock what you like is my #1 rule. Cop within your means and NEVER hate or try to be on anyone else’s level. Love your own collection, strive for what you want as a sneaker person. Don’t get caught up in petty hating or clicking up with those types of people I call trolls that are jealous. Keep your circle small, I’ve learned that the hard way, I take my time letting people in my world now. Many people try to use you for what they can get, their tactics are seen pretty quickly tho.
                Thank you for taking the time to read this article, check out the pic’s and supporting my collection and me also. Keep your positivity and #A_Kiction fire alive.
Fading To The Back From The Basement Of The J’s,

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